Hard to escape…

the constant..peering..eyes of those two little gals.  I do have to giggle, often, b/c as soon as they start misbehaving they are reminded of my presence….then I see the heads slowly turn, with angry expressions, in my direction.  HAHA.  Oh course their behavior is corrected, and really their transgressions are minor in nature, but it’s still entertaining.

So where have I been?  Well, here and there.  They keep me busy.  I hid in the tree one day….on the foyer chandelier another day.  Sometimes I bring them little gifts from the north pole like fingernail polish, other times I bring them sweets.  But what I brought them the other day, surprised them all.

Picture to come….hehehe. 


Lunch is served!

I wish….


How delicious….spaghetti, syrup, pop-tarts, marshmallows, chocolate syrup….oh my!

Instead this family is serving up homemade ham and beans with cornbread. What’s an elf gotta do to get some respect around here….and some great food!  Even just some chocolate covered marshmallows sound good… 

Top of the morning to ya!

Don’t get too excited, I don’t think I can post everyday.  Sneaking away to log onto this blog is a lot of work.  *Phew*

A few things I have learned about this family…

1. I hate tickle me Elmo.  That Elmo just won’t stop laughing.  It drives me CRAZY….I am already planning its demise.

2.  That dog of theirs is NOT to be trusted.  Apparently it enjoys running, grabbing toys and running some more.  I fear the day we meet….

3.  This family is SLOW.  And by slow, I mean that it took them all day yesterday to put up two Christmas trees, and put lights on them.  AND ONE OF THE TREES HAS LIGHTS ALREADY ON IT.  What’s with these people?  Us elves can do 73 trees an hour, and these humans take 15 light years to decorate ONE tree.  Let’s hope we see some progress today….

Which brings me to my overnight prank.  I took a strand of lights off the tree and strung it all around the house.  BAHAHAHA.  Hysterical right!?  I thought so….and then I found a wonderful elf-sized pillow and took a little siesta.  Life is goooood.

‘Tis me…

'Tis me...

First of all, don’t poke humor at the simplicity of this site, I’m watched continuously by four large eyes on the human children and I don’t have the time to jazz up this site.  That being said….

Welcome to my blog.  I was born in China, I think….and ended up in this barren land they call “Illinois”.  Oh well, I could have ended up in a worse town….like the south side of the North Pole.

I made my appearance today at the “H” household, swimming in North Pole snow and baring sweets from the bakery at the North Pole, or Hostess.  Whatever.  The girls were pretty excited, but noticed the older one watches me suspiciously, and after watching her I understand why.  I’m going to have my work cut out for me!  😉 That little one is silent but deadly, I think….and please don’t think I am referring to human gas.

So – of all the glorious elf names in the world, they give me the name “Pinocchio”.  *Insert grown*  Oh well, I guess I will have to live with it.  The older girl also asked why I don’t talk, move or have a heartbeat.  Really?  I got my eye(s) on you little girl.  (Still not sure how she knew about the heartbeat thing, because they can’t touch me!)

Shortly after discovering me, they did delight me with a fabulous movie….ELF!  That Will Farrell is a comic genius….I bet he has tons of academy awards.  Anywho…time for me to fly.  Want more fun reading???? I googled myself and found this funny post – http://therealfullhouse.wordpress.com/2011/12/12/elf-on-the-damn-shelf/ …  though he was a little hostile toward my brother elf.

Come back soon…I hope to update often…and be ornery even more often.